Sensor noise art

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I was playing around with Open Camera with a very long exposure (10 seconds), with a somewhat high ISO (3000ish), with my camera placed against a flat object so it doesn’t see any outside light. This is a great way of capturing sensor noise, though it does seem to be brighter around the outside, and less in the middle. Light leakage? Or just how the sensor works?

Anyways, I did that, and then played around with every nearly filter the stock photos app on my phone had, which results in some neat wallpapers.

As in some pictures i took today, all images in this post are licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. But honestly, go make some yourself.

Also, click on the images to get full resolution copies. The sources are jpegs, so I’m not going to choose violence today and mandate a good but hardly supported format to view the full resolution copies.

Future work might be making multiple sets of images, tinting them differently, then blending between them to make a pattern. Trans flag in noise, maybe? I don’t really have a functioning computer at the moment, it just Fucking Dies when I do anything vaguely intensive, so I can’t do that at the moment.


This is the first one I made. It made heavy use of the “magic eraser” tool to give the blocks some structure.

A purple and blue image, with a darker part in the center, as if you’re peering into a crystal cave


The other one I made. It uses no magic eraser tool. You can really see the bright spots in the void if you don’t get the computer to blur it all together with the eraser. Though I did use sharpen to give it some texture. I use this one as a lock screen wallpaper, with the clock centered inside the circle. It works well :3

A noisy image with a black circle in the center, with a green and blueish tint around it