some pictures i took today

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I was going into town today, and took the chance to take some pictures.

You can click them to open them as a JPEG XL for the original size and higher quality. If your browser doesn’t support JPEG XL, try opening it in something that does.

This was my first time using darktable. I don’t know what I’m doing in it, but at least I managed to nicely censor out the license plates.

(also, these were taken on the 17th, but i’ve not slept since for it is nearly 1AM, so i still consider that today)

I license all 5 of the below images (preview and full size .jxl for each) under CC BY-SA 4.0.

A large stuffed bear toy lying in a bike

A close up tree branch with white flowers, with another tree out of focus in the background

A low down shot of some small white flowers growing in some grass, with a brick wall in the background

Looking down on a cluster of yellow flowers on a tree branch

Looking directly at a low-down sun shining through some trees, with some camera glare