xonotic defrag gameplay: techniq_run_002/vanilla_01 finishes

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i just finished all (finishable) relaxed running maps on, all 1159/1161 of them. (the 2 remaining ones are just not possible in xonotic), and thought i’d share my finishes of the final 2 ones. this is also a test of video recording from xonotic, i might upload duel footage or something here too, who knows.


this is a funny route

you can tell from the video what you’re meant to do. but fuck that lol. this is honestly so much easier.


this map i suspected wasn’t possible, since there were some changes to the rocket physics which make just climbing up the back wall not work, and no one had finished it since those.

however, yeah, turns out it is possible. it’s also fucking difficult. we spent a solid hour on this one trying to work out a route. well, maybe half an hour. i then spent the other half hour trying to execute the route :3 shoutout banano for being the first to prove it’s possible

also my god my rocket stacks are bad. i should work on those

for recording, i initially was going to set up a nice custom HUD that only contains the info you need, but then figured that was too much effort, and also it wouldn’t really be how i play. the only changes made here are to disable the clock/fps counter (which aren’t useful when playing back demos), and to enable the pressed keys display (that is useful information, but i’m not going to be playing like that)